Icy spring…

It’s the beginning of May, but there’s still ice on the Great Lakes. Above is a photo Ron took at Mackinaw City last Saturday.

Last weekend, Ron began preparing Annwfn for launch while I spent the day hanging out with my folks north of Elk Rapids. I don’t ever remember seeing snow and ice on Grand Traverse Bay this late in the spring:

The good news is that the cherry trees have not yet blossomed. It’s been much too cold up north! The cherries might not be ripe in time for Traverse City’s Cherry Festival, but neither should the crop be ruined as it was a couple of years ago when spring came very early, followed by hard freezes.


4 thoughts on “Icy spring…

  1. I keep sharing your snow and ice reports with The Captain, it hasn’t slowed him down yet though, LOL. It was funny in Annapolis yesterday, everyone was celebrating the coming of spring, we thought it was kind if chilly still. No snow here, just LOTS of pollen I keep expecting it to pass like it usually does, but it seems like we are chasing it north.


  2. Let me know when you are back in GR. Would love to walk again.

    Dolli Lutes
    McNair Scholars Program
    Grand Valley State University
    234 STU
    1 Campus Drive
    Allendale, MI 49401



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