Home, sweet home…

We made the trip home in our normal long 2-day drive and on our arrival, found all pretty much as we left it. However, after 3 months away, my parents arrived to their home north of Traverse City to find their well frozen–no water. After a couple of days of trying to live with gallon jugs of water, they drove back to Grand Rapids where they split their time between my sister’s home and ours. Fortunately, after a week and a half, it had warmed up enough so that on their return, enough of the well had thawed so that their pump was again pumping water. Whew! It has been some winter…

And speaking of “winter,” though we have enjoyed sunny days with temperatures in the mid-70’s over the past weekend here in Grand Rapids, northern Michigan’s high temperatures have been running at least 20º lower, is still covered in snow and the Straits are still iced in. On April 15th, the local news reported that the Great Lakes’ ice cover was still 40%. The previous record had been 18% for mid-April. The Shepler ferries that serve Mackinac Island (and Annwfn is stored at Mackinaw City) have delayed the start of their season due to ice. They’ve just announced that they’re going to be starting their 2014 season in St. Ignace instead of Mackinaw City due to the ice conditions and according to their website, will not know when ferries can begin running until the Coast Guard comes through to break ice tomorrow. Unreal…

In the meantime, I’m enjoying spring here at home!


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