Hangin’ out at FMB…

We’ve been on a mooring at Fort Myers Beach for a week now. Since the “break-even” point between paying for a mooring ball by the week or month is 17 days and we figured we’d be here for at least 3 weeks, we took the monthly rate. Unless something changes, I don’t mind hangin’ out here for a month.

What are we doing, you ask?

Ron’s been working on a couple of stories he’s writing for Practical Sailor, and we both read quite a bit. We’ve been getting together with friends who are in the area. We fill our water tanks as we run dry by filling a 6-gallon container with water at the dinghy dock, then schlep it out to the boat. It seems to take us about 5 trips to (mostly) top off one tank. We occasionally need to fix or maintain boat “things.” I spend a part of nearly every day knitting–I have several different projects going right now. And I finally got back into making some pine needle baskets:


(I’m leaving the real creative pine needle baskets to my sister, Amy. I need to collect a mess more needles for her before we head home next month as these baskets have become her obsession. The baskets she’s making are amazing!)

We have two grocery stores available to us: one is walking (if we’re not carrying too much) or dinghy (during high tide) distance; the other is easily accessible by the 50¢ (25¢ for Ron) trolley. However, the trolley does get busy (and will be even busier next week as it’s the beginning of the “high season”) so getting our grocery trips in during the morning hours is best. And then there is the Farmer’s Market each Friday morning. We make sure we get into shore soon after it opens, at 7:30 AM.

I’ve inflated my kayak and she’s stored on deck, easy to launch whenever I feel like getting off the boat and paddling off by myself for a while.

The shrimp boats go out and come back daily with shrimp fresh from the Gulf. This is the one place we’ve been in southern Florida where fresh shrimp is easy to find. So tasty!  –jes