And another change in plans…

We left our mooring at Naples first thing on Sunday morning, planning to (likely) motor the approximately 30 nm to Fort Myers Beach. The wind had been blowing (mostly) out of the northwest for 3 days, though it had shifted out of the NNE on Saturday. The wind strength seemed to be down from what it had been, but I overheard one of the many charter fishermen (they all seem to be men) telling someone on Saturday that it had been “very rough out there” that day, but should be better in the morning. 

As we motored to the inlet, wind was NE at around 10 knots. Should be okay. But as we entered the inlet, there was some decent-sized swell breaking from the NW. As we motored out into the Gulf, I went below to make certain things were secure below. This was not going to be a fun trip. Wind wasn’t heavy, but it was out of the NE and waves were coming at us from the NW. It was sloppy and the boat was rolling and it would be a very long day of this uncomfortable motion. Ron asked me what I wanted to do. “Well, we could sail back down to Marco for a couple of days.” 

And that is just what we did. Wind is still northerly today but the forecast is promising that winds will shift east and then SE. We’ll wait for the wind shift. Currently, Wednesday is looking good for moving north. Maybe. Stay tuned.


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