Holy Mackerel!

Each year Ron buys a Florida fishing license, at about $73. Each year he catches nothing edible, or we have trouble identifying it in our fish book. It has seemed a serious waste of money. There are lots of small fishing charters out of the Naples City Dock, and I suggested that it might be worthwhile to go on one, just to make identifying any catch a bit easier.

This morning we left the mooring at Naples for the 10 nm trek down the coast to Marco. The Gulf was calm, the sun was shining, the air was warm, the wind was light–it couldn’t have been a lovelier day. I admit that I rolled my eyes when Ron asked me to take over watching for crabpots for a bit while he got his fishing pole together. He didn’t have any live bait, but he had a lure he had purchased a while back. I kept thinking of the small black fin shark we watched a fisherman land just a few days ago at the Fort Myers Beach fishing pier! What do we do if we actually catch something?

The line was out, we were motoring along. The wind came up a bit–maybe about 5 knots–and I suggested we try sailing a while. Engine off, our jib out, our speed slowly diminished, then the wind began lightening, and when our speed dropped below 1 knot, Ron suggested we motor the rest of the way into Marco. Impatient man!

With engine running again, I’m on the lookout for crabpots as Ron reels in his line to put his fishing stuff away. It is only then that he realizes he has a fish! I hate to think how long we’d been dragging the poor little guy. As I frantically searched our book (its tail really helped in identifying it), we came upon the Mackerel. And it’s supposed to be excellent eating. Oh, this is very good! And although it’s not a huge fish, we got 2 large fillets out of it, more than enough for one meal. At the price of fresh fish down here, with a bit more luck Ron’s fishing license could pay for itself this year.


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