So long, Sarsota…

Ah, this is more like it: calm, sunny, warm… more like the Florida we enjoy.

It’s been a wonderful 15 days here in Sarasota: Wonderful friends, great food (Nancy’s BBQ, Louie’s, truffle fries and a wonderful red wine at the restaurant on the grounds of the Ringling Museum, Yume’s sushi, The Drunken Poet… ), a mooring ball that kept us from wandering during high winds, dolphins (with a baby!) in the mooring field to regularly entertain us, a great walking town with so much to see–it’s a town well-worthy of the stay. However, we need to begin making our way south, maybe to warmer weather?

Not sure how far we’re going to make it this morning. Once we made it through our first bridge opening, we began dealing with “sea fog.” We sat for over a half hour not more than a 1/4 mile from the Stinkney Point Bridge–we could hear the vehicles crossing, but could see nothing but the outline of the western shore. Finally, the fog lifted enough, we had the bridge in sight, and we proceeded with our open request:


At 1030, the fog seems to be clearing. This is important as our next bridge has quite a lot of current as we make our approach and way through the opening. We are promised warm temperatures and light winds today, but need to find an anchorage where we have protection from more strong northerlies forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow night. We’re not complaining though. We are missing out on some really dangerous cold and wind at home. And my parents, who are along the Gulf coast on the Alabama/Florida border, are looking at a possible ice storm. It’s all about extremes, folks! –jes