Sarasota Keys


We lucked out. Friday evening turned out to be the kick-off of Sarasota’s latest public arts project–the introduction of artsy-painted pianos placed around town in public venues for anyone to play. The event was headlined by its creator, Rich Ridenour: concert pianist and friend originally from Grand Rapids, now living in Sarasota. Not only did we arrange a time to reconnect with Rich and Stacy before leaving Sarasota, we were delightfully entertained with music for six pianos!

20140121-143535.jpgOther friends from Grand Rapids, John Ross Thompson and Ellen Brubaker, met us at the Sarasota Keys event to hear Rich play. I had discovered (through John Ross’ Facebook posting) that they were vacationing nearby and suggested that they might like to meet up if they had the time. It was great seeing them again as well. Pretty sad when we live in the same town but don’t see one another until we’re 1,000 miles from home!


When we met up with Rich and Stacy for a drink at the tiki hut on Sunday evening, we were treated to a beautiful rainbow over our little bay:



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