What a night…

We may have had an incredibly beautiful sunset last night, but oh what an overnight. The cold front hit us just after I fell asleep. The SOUND of the wind actually woke me up, even before it actually hit us. Rain was pelting the boat, hitting us sideways, and oh the wind. And then the waves kicked up. There is a point of land that gives us some protection, but the waves seemed to be coming straight down the length of Sarasota Bay, then wrapping around into our little indent of a bay and rolling us sideways. I’ve never felt so seasick just lying in bed. We were rockin’ and rollin’, and it was no fun at all! The poor cat kept coming forward to sleep with us, like he normally does, but he was getting freaked out by all the bouncing and pulling and creaking and the sound of the wind. By dawn, all the ruckus around us had calmed down and we woke to clear skies and bright sun. We even had a couple of dolphins entertaining us with their fishing technique as we enjoyed our breakfast in the sun-filled cockpit. 

The high temperature today is only supposed to reach the upper 50’s. It’s supposed to really get cold tonight: into the 30’s. Yikes! Time to put all the blankets on the bed! I’m ready for more seasonable Florida weather. Not sure we’re going to see it before leaving here. — jes