Sea fog…

For those who think my boat life involves waking each morning to bright sun and warm air, this is the view from our cockpit this morning in the mooring field at Sarasota. That slightly dark strip behind the ketch next to us is land, about 100 yards away. It may be 70º (right now–cold front is approaching so it will be much cooler and much windier later this afternoon; storm system is just to the NW of us), but we are getting nothing out of our solar panels this morning.

We arrived in Sarasota yesterday afternoon. I really enjoy the intercoastal waterway here on the Gulf side, especially the stretch south of Venice. Unlike the Atlantic side, the Gulf side winds through nature preserves and areas that seem almost wild… until the next group of upscale homes. We even had a lone dolphin join us for about 20 minutes, swimming along our aft quarter. We will never tire of them!

We will get to know Sarasota better this year. The mooring field doesn’t have a weekly rate, it’s daily or monthly. Once a boat stays 10 days, it’s least expensive to pay the monthly rate. Our plan is to stay around 2 weeks and so if we need to stick around a bit longer due to weather, no worries. The one disappointing news on our arrival this year is that unlike last season (and contrary to their web page), there is no free wifi. In fact, we have not yet been able to pull up the wifi signal of the service that is supposed to be here, even with our strong wifi booster. Guess my Starbucks card will be getting some heavier use while we’re here!

We will be staying busy: dear friends from the Great Lakes who live here, those heading this way by boat, and those who will be staying on board with us for a few days while they’re visiting this area. 

P.S. In the time I’ve been writing this post, the sea fog cleared, our wind shifted 180º, and this is our view as the system makes its way through Sarasota: