Current “Cruising World” Spotlight…

Cruising World just made Fred Bagley’s (Catamount) piece from last October’s issue their “Spotlight” article in their current e-newsletter. It was 2 summers ago that Jim & Bobbie Wooll (Reverie) and Ron and I took turns showing Fred and Jennifer uncharted places we’d explored during past cruises for an article Fred was writing. The photo that “headlines” the piece is a photo of Annwfn, as we gingerly poked our way into an area I had vowed never again to return. The last time we visited this area was on Prudence P. Fishpaws, our Cheoy Lee Offshore 40. We spent an entire afternoon propped upon an uncharted rock ledge. Our children were 4 and 2 years old, and one of my clearest memories of that very long afternoon (besides all the kedging and winching and moving anchors and then finally finding deep water) was the fact that our daughter used up an entire loaf of bread making peanut butter sandwiches for her little brother’s lunch. We damaged our rudder and so it was a very interesting trip back to Muskegon, Michigan that year.

We had to pay for the magazine last October, but now you can read it online for free: