Waiting to launch…

We had a strong cold front move through here overnight. We were closed up tight due to some pretty impressive thunderstorms that preceded the front and woke to temperatures that felt downright cold even before opening the boat back up to the day. (Please note: this cold is nothing comparable to what family and friends are dealing with up north at home right now–I know there are many tiny violins playing as this is read.)

We were scheduled to launch today. As we looked at weather forecasts last evening, we figure that we have a one-day weather window (Sunday) to get out of here and to an anchorage suitable for riding out more heavy northerlies forecast for Monday and Tuesday (along with some very chilly temperatures for these parts of southern Florida). It didn’t take a lot for me to convince Ron to wait to launch until early next week. I vote for comfort and access to some heat. We just aren’t familiar enough with this area, where we might find reasonable protection from these strong northerlies.

And so, since we’re sitting on the hard for a couple more days, let me share photos I snapped this past fall as we traveled I-75 home from putting Annwfn away for the season:

It’s not every day one sees one of these mighty wind blades traveling down the highway! Very impressive, indeed!–jes