Weird weather-day Monday…

We woke early on Monday with sun and light wind. We raised anchor and left Harbor Island as soon as our coffee and tea was made. I made breakfast on our way into Detour. Chase hoped to be underway for his 5-hour drive home by late morning.

Chase hadn’t been gone more than 20 minutes when a weather alert sounded over the VHF radio. We looked to the sky but it was still sunny with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Time to check the radar perhaps? Sure enough, there was some nasty stuff heading our way.

For the next few hours, we watched some impressive-looking storms passing just to our north. On radar, we watched them as they “trained” across the upper peninsula. It was a strange weather day that included some major wind shifts, periodic torrential downpours (never lasting more than 5 to 10 minutes), hail, clearing skies, and then a darkening sky once again. By late afternoon, skies cleared and the wind shifted out of the NW and it blew stink the rest of the night. It was a good day to spend in port, tied to a dock. I was relieved that our son had wanted to leave early in the day, rather than later. And sad as this may sound, there’s comfort to be on decent wifi, able to check radar for what the weather may have in store for us.