Harbor Island…

This past weekend our son came to stay with us on the boat. We picked him up in Detour on Friday afternoon and delivered him back to Detour so that he could travel home to Ann Arbor on Monday morning.

Between our time in Detour, we anchored at Harbor Island. This is a spot Chase is well-acquainted with as it was always the start and end point of our North Channel cruises when both our children were young. The water in the bays are usually warm enough to swim, and we’re pretty much guaranteed at least one fish meal while we’re there.

Harbor Island is a horseshoe-shaped island north of Drummond Island. The island was acquired in the 1980’s by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service from its previous owner, the Nature Conservancy. They set it aside as a wildlife refuge so its only inhabitants are the deer, eagles, and sandhill cranes that we frequently see along its shores. The island’s shape allows two bays in which to anchor and between the two, you’re pretty much protected from anything that might try to get at you. One year, when a nasty NE wind blew up as we were anchored in the “inside” harbor, we pulled anchor and turned into the “outside” harbor. By moving into the very northern end of the outside harbor, we found ourselves in a millpond with perfectly flat water and no wind. The only wind we could hear was the gale blowing through the tops of the trees. It’s a very secure feeling.

We enjoyed a cool, but very nice weekend with Chase. He and his dad fished, going through 4-dozen worms. (The baby perch are well fed at Harbor Island!)  They caught enough nice-sized perch and a large bass for our dinner on Saturday. Mostly we hung out and caught up with him. Family time is some of the best time. It had been much too long!

Chase feeding the baby perchies on Sunday morning.