This is more like it!

We have made our way to the northwestern corner of the North Channel and I have found lots of blueberries ready for harvesting. Finally! We found plenty of wild blueberries bushes along the Canadian shore of Lake Superior, but I suspect as cold as it’s been, they’re still green. And one of my favorite pasttimes while cruising these areas (besides looking for beautiful lake stones) is picking wild blueberries. They are delicious in pancakes and over my Greek yogurt. I’ve missed them.

Our son will be joining us this coming weekend at Harbor Island for a bit of fishing, relaxing and time away. I am seeing blueberry pancakes in his future. Blueberry pancakes were always a favorite when we were cruising when he and his sister were young. Memories of treasured family time…

Not only did the small island have blueberries. It was also covered with ripening blackberries. Doesn’t get much better than this!