Les Petit Ecrits…


Les Petit Ecrits is a beautiful little anchorage along the north shore of Lake Superior, formed by a group of small islands. There are no pictographs here; perhaps the “small writings” refer to the islands that make up the group? It is lovely here, but very deep throughout. The boater needs to find the small area of 20 ft. depth, close to a small sand beach, to anchor.

This is a wonderful anchorage: well protected, marked trails, sand beach, sounds of water falling a bit inland (couldn’t get to it for all the trees blocking our way), sand bottom… but the area in which it’s shallow enough to anchor is small.

Our friends on Catamount had told us “good luck” when we told them we were going to try out this anchorage. We found the 20 foot depth, but it shallows up rapidly (and the 20 foot water is probably only a couple hundred feet from shore). We were looking good last evening, but when the wind went dead calm overnight, our boat began to drift around our anchor and apparently we “bumped” twice in the night. I slept through it, but Ron got up and shortened scope… twice.

We’re moving on to a different anchorage today and hoping to sit for a couple of days, to sit out high winds that Environment Canada is forecasting for late tomorrow afternoon and evening. It’s an anchorage we have used in previous visits and is probably one of my favorite anchorages anywhere I’ve been. We will likely pass by Les Petit Ecrits on our way back home!



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