I guess we didn’t “miss winter” after all


We have been home in Michigan for just over one week. We hauled Thyme Hyssop & Wry as scheduled on April 1st. With our van overpacked and the boat “put to bed” (hopefully) well enough to survive another southern Florida summer, we departed the boat storage yard and drove to Sarasota where we spent a very enjoyable late afternoon and evening with our boating friend and her wonder dog, Sophie. Leaving Melissa’s in the predawn hours the next morning, we spent the next two long days driving home (with a short 2-hour stop in Ann Arbor to visit Chase and Tara before heading home to Grand Rapids).

Since we’ve been home, it’s been busy getting our house back in order, trying to organize boat stuff into what needs to go north to Annwfn and what needs to be stored to be taken back south next winter. And I completed our income tax returns, a task I’ve decided is too problematic while we’re so far from home.

Last year at this time, temperatures had been summer-like through much of March and I missed the blooming of most of my spring flowers. This year is much different. Although we saw no snow on our trip north, trees weren’t yet flowering in Tennessee and Kentucky. Here at home, I am enjoying crocus, the daffodils are just getting ready to flower, and my trillium are beginning to poke up out of the ground. I love spring and am so pleased not to be missing it this year.

With our taxes completed and filed, we joined my parents and a couple of my siblings at my parents’ home, north of Traverse City, this past weekend. On our drive, we began seeing snow on the ground about an hour north of Grand Rapids. My parents still have some decent-size drifts around their house, and on Saturday morning, as Ron drove up to Mackinaw City to check on Annwfn, I decided that maybe we haven’t missed winter after all. Even Duncan Bay Boat Club in Cheboygan, where we dock Annwfn, has delayed opening due to the snow and ice still in the bay. A different year, indeed.



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