Six weeks to the day…


We arrived in Marathon–Boot Key Harbor–six weeks ago today. We planned to stay about a month. Two weeks ago, as we got the boat ready to leave, we watched as our narrow “weather window” narrowed even further. We should have left a few days early. Instead we made the decision to stay put in Boot Key Harbor where we were comfortable and safe until the winds clocked around to the east and south again. It can’t be long, right? Well, we finally have about 3 days of easterly going southerly winds before they come out of the north again. It’s enough time to get to Marco Island or Naples. Goodbye Boot Key Harbor for another year.



2 thoughts on “Six weeks to the day…

  1. After being in Kauwi for nine days, I look at the phographs of the ocean and sigh. It is so beautiful! I’ll look forward to learning about your next port.


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