Friends from the beginning


One of the nicest things about spending time in Boot Key Harbor is that we see boaters we met our first year cruising here. This is our 3rd year, and once again we met up with Wes and his son aboard s/v Gemini Dreams, an Albin Vega 27. Wes was the first person we met at Boot Key Harbor our first year. We had both come into the harbor just ahead of the Super Bowl game, and met when we shared a table and snacks while Ron and I were cheering on the Green Bay Packers at the City Marina. That year he was traveling alone, on his way to the Panhandle where his ex-wife (and best friend) and children lived.

Last year, his son was traveling with him. Again, we saw them briefly when they stopped by Boot Key Harbor on their way to a winter cruise in the Bahamas. By then I had started following Wes’ blog and he had come to feel like an old friend.

We were pleased to see Wes and his son again this winter here in Boot Key Harbor. We again shared snacks at this year’s Super Bowl game, though this year I had no allegiance to either team. It felt like old times! His son, the Fisher King (he is quite the fisherman!) is still living aboard with his dad, pleading for an onboard pet. Our cat, Cacao, took right to him when they stopped by late one afternoon. The Fisher King seems to have a “thing” for animals (and the animals for him)… and reptiles too, as seen by the photo above: Wes, the Fisher King, and one of the marina’s resident iguanas! (They left the iguana here, on shore.)


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