Departure delayed from Boot Key Harbor


The weather people forecasted a nasty cold front with falling temperatures, gusty NW winds, and a chance of thunderstorms, so our planned departure from Boot Key Harbor last week was put aside for a few days. I decided to take advantage of our extended stay and participate in a sterling silver and bead jewelry workshop that was offered by Beth of Griffin Clayworks. Beth is living aboard her boat here in Boot Key Harbor, and has offered this workshop periodically during her stay, before they head back home to New Hampshire. She was a wonderfully patient teacher and I had such a fun time creating my pieces and learning how to make those spirals, not to mention the fun I had with my fellow classmates!


Not that I needed another hobby–I’m already an avid knitter and I love weaving those pine needle baskets while we’re living aboard the boat–but I think I’ll be investing in some jewelry making supplies once we return home!


7 thoughts on “Departure delayed from Boot Key Harbor

  1. Beautiful! You will need to teach me some of your jewelry making tips along with the pine needle basket weaving and soap cooking. Can’t wait!


    • Amy, we are going to be very busy this coming spring and fall! I will make sure to collect another big batch of pine needles before we head home, and I’ll try to get the really good (long) ones. (We’ll save the soap making for the fall as it can be hot work!)


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