In memoriam


Our old friend from Muskegon and Grand Valley, Walt Koch, died about 15 years ago. He was a one-of-a-kind individual and sailor, and we always thought that his boat, Sanctuary, was one-of-a-kind also.

But here in Boot Key Harbor, anchored about five boats away, is a sister ship, another Cay sailboat. Like Walt’s boat, this Cay is fitted out in idiosyncratic style–nothing looks “yachty,” but everything looks functional. A very practical sailboat.

Fond memories of Walt.


4 thoughts on “In memoriam

  1. My first memory of Walt was on a Saturday many moons ago. I was visiting you at the Muskegon Yacht Club for some sort of party (there were many) dressed and ready to go with my then perfect hair, makeup, and clothing. Upon meeting me, Walt gave me a hug and then proceeded to jump from the dock into the water with me in his arms. First impressions are lasting. I think after that I always avoided being on the docks when he was about.


  2. If we are lucky, a person like Walt passes through our lives. He was a joy and an enigma, but he was just Walt. Let’s have a cleary and a toast to fond memories….


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