Red Tide

20130103-180825.jpgThe forecast yesterday was for dense fog in the morning. We saw nothing but bright sunlight. This morning there was a forecast for “fog patches.” They were one day off. I woke hearing water dripping to our deck and the photo above was our view from our anchorage.

We “felt” our way out of the canals and to the cattle lock that would allow us to enter Charlotte Harbor. One by one we followed the day marks that make up the channel out into deeper waters. We had no more than a quarter mile visibility. When we raised anchor, NOAA was saying that fog would dissipate by 0900; by the time we got out into Charlotte Harbor (an hour later), they were saying 1100. In actuality, the fog cleared by about 1040. It was very, very nice to see where we were going and to see the other boats in our area.

We motored the entire day, arriving at our anchorage at Don Pedro Island on the ICW around 1430. We traveled 28 nm in about 6 hours and are now about a 20-minute drive from the boatyard where we launched. We did, however, travel by water around Cape Haze. And we were entertained by dolphins on our first real day of cruising this winter season. It’s wise to never judge the time it takes to get to your destination while sailing–it’s all about the journey!

We had heard that a Red Tide was affecting Gasparillo Sound. We have seen the buzzards as we drove from the boatyard to the Cape Haze Publix store. When we entered this anchorage area, I was concerned about all the crabpots I saw littering the entire area, then realized that most were dead fish, not crabpots. Oh, we have a few crabpots but they’ve been easy to avoid. But there were dead fish floating everywhere, apparently victim of the Red Tide in this area. Ron and I are both feeling a bit of a tickle in our throats and experiencing a cough now and then, but shifts in the wind tend to take that away.

We have some wet and cooler weather coming in for the weekend with northerly winds. We’ll see how things look in the morning. If there’s no fog and we feel like making a long day of it, we’ll make our way to Sarasota. If it’s a crappy day for traveling, we’ll sit here where we’re well protected. We’re in no hurry.


2 thoughts on “Red Tide

  1. If you are still at Cape Haze and need a car for anything let
    us know as we are in Englewood. Dave & Pat Hubbard 231-420-6400


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