Catching up…

It’s been a wonderful fall: I picked up another temp job at Grand Valley State University working for a TRiO program (federally funded), this time McNair Scholars. Because federal grants have been cut so much over the past few years, they don’t have any extra money to hire office support staff permanently, which works well for me. With this back-and-forth sailing life, I can’t take a “real” job as I couldn’t stay more than a semester. But I really miss working; I miss feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile. And so, yes, I love picking up these temp jobs, working with great programs that help make a difference in people’s lives.

Thanksgiving weekend (U.S.) we celebrated my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary with a party at my sister’s home. It was an amazing time with nearly our entire family in attendance, and we saw relatives we’d not seen in many, many years. It was a wonderful tribute to my parents.

Ron headed to Florida following our Thanksgiving weekend to begin getting Thyme Hyssop & Wry ready for the winter sailing season. He spent nearly 3 weeks working on assorted projects. Perhaps this boat is finally getting to our standards.

The end of my work and the holidays came fast and furious. Both our kids came “home” for the Christmas holidays and it was great having them around again so soon. For so many years we sailed as a family, living within feet of each other all summer long. I suppose it only makes sense that I feel nostalgic/melancholy when they again leave us and go back to the lives they have built for themselves. I do enjoy their company! And Chase and Tara had some news for us this Christmas: they are formally engaged to be wed! No date has been set, but I love knowing that even though Tara has been part of our family for some time now, she is going to be my “for real” daughter-in-law one day soon.

We turned off the water, drained the pipes, turned down the heat, locked up the house in the wee hours of December 27, and drove two days to Port Charlotte Boat Storage, where we had stored Thyme Hyssop & Wry this season. Three months ago, no way would I have been ready to be back living aboard a sailboat. Today? It’s okay…


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