Our final weekend this sweet season…


This is our final weekend aboard Annwfn this sweetwater sailing season. After over a week of cold, damp, windy weather, this weekend couldn’t be more sweet: sunny, warmish (okay, not real warm, but in the mid-60’s), and mostly calm.

It’s been a week since my car accident and I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude for life, and for my family and friends. Yesterday my parents, sister, and brother came to spend time with us aboard the boat; we couldn’t have asked for a nicer afternoon–weather-wise and for the company. I am so lucky to have such a loving family!

Here in Michigan it is autumn, and the colors this weekend are deep and brilliant against the blue sky. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such autumn beauty as this weekend, though last weekend’s experience likely colors my world more intensely. I was sorry to miss Friday evening’s Lights in the Night, but last evening’s full moon rising over Duncan Bay was nothing to sneeze at!



One thought on “Our final weekend this sweet season…

  1. When will you be home? I have miss something what car accident??? Did I tell you o was going to take ten days out of the office and I was not going to turn on my computer. Well I did and I did not hear. I will check my computer for your reply? Did you go to see your son ?? when and where did the car thing happen???? I love the picuter.


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