Lucky, beyond words


Once in a while we get lucky.

Yesterday, after spending a delightful evening and morning with half our kids, while traveling north on I-75 to join Ron in Cheboygan, I swerved to miss a salt spreader that dropped in the middle lane from a truck ahead of me and lost control of our Jetta stationwagon. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, it happened so quickly. I don’t know if my front fender nicked the salt spreader, if my tire blew out, or if I just lost control. All I know is that I hit the concrete barrier on the far left side traveling at nearly 70 mph–and I walked away with just a few bumps and bruises. Our car did not fare as well.

So many good people stopped to help and to make certain I was okay. They are a testament to the goodness in this world. I was in such a state of shock; I know I didn’t adequately thank them for their care and concern. I am one lucky woman, and I am so grateful to still be here.–jes


8 thoughts on “Lucky, beyond words

  1. I’m glad you are OK. They build cars so much better than they used to – nice to know that the safety features actually help to protect us in an accident like yours.


  2. JES
    Some people will do anything to justify a new car. So glad you are still functional. Tthe North Channel would not be the same without you!! TED


  3. Hi Jo,
    So glad you’re ok. Maybe you had a couple angels helping you out. Watch for signs of whiplash. I think ice and motrin will help a ton. Good luck and safe travels. Like my hubby, Erich, we both look forward to your continued blogs.


  4. Hello Jo Ellen,
    A very close call. So happy to read that you are well. Best wishes for a safe sailing season in the south. Look forward to your blogs to get me through the Michigan winter.


  5. Ohmygoodness! Was in an accident a couple years ago that totaled my car and was as lucky as you! So glad you were able to walk away from it!!!


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