Back to where we began…

We are back to where we began: Harbor Island. This is where we arrived, that first day out from Cheboygan, on July 8th. This time, we are the lone boat in the inner harbor where the water has warmed back to a balmy 72F (from the low to mid 60’s in other anchorages the past week)–great for a bath!

We entered back into the U.S. this date one year ago. Also ironic, it was another “I”-named hurricane, Irene, that made landfall this date one year ago. We experienced Hurricane Gloria 27 years ago next month while living in Newport, Rhode Island. Thyme Hyssop & Wry is stored for the summer near Port Charlotte, on the west coast of Florida. We have friends and family members living along the Gulf Coast, an area we have come to love. We watch with concern each summer as storms form and track their progress. Be safe all…Image


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