Grisly find…


Since resolving our 3G issues and (mostly) restoring Ron’s iPad (our regular autopilot is still down, but we have a back-up working), we came back to McGregor Bay to wait out the high winds that came through yesterday. While here, we explored the small, uninhabited islands that make up the small bay we’re anchored in and came across this rather grisly find.

Ron and I had no idea how the lower part of a deer leg ended up atop the rock on this island. Where was the rest of the deer? It didn’t look that old and there was no scent of a decaying animal anywhere nearby.

Boating friends joined us in McGregor Bay a couple of days ago and we mentioned the deer leg. A couple have hiked to the spot. They have reported hearing a story about two kayakers in this area who witnessed two wolves chasing, then swimming after a very frantic deer. The wolves’ chase exhausted the deer and the event ended with the kayakers witnessing the wolves dragging the deer off into the woods. This could explain our grisly find, but are there wolves in this area? This is new to us! We have not heard them, nor have we seen any signs of wolves. There has been another report of a wolf on North Benjamin Island this summer also. This was announced on the Cruiser’s Net, warning small dog owners of taking their pets to shore.

We’ve seen a bit “too much nature” this summer. We have always been impressed by the majesty of the bald eagle. We see many of them up here and never tire seeing them. However, in Portlock Harbour we watched an eagle land atop a large pine with a good-sized long-necked bird (too light in color for cormorant; perhaps a cygnet?) and proceed to tear his prey to pieces, dropping bits not fit for eating to the ground below. It was violent and grisly sight and I had to turn away. It’s nature doing its thing, but I guess I like the more sterilized version. Now, when I see the smaller birds dipping and diving after the eagles, trying to chase them from their nests, I’m rooting for the little guys. After Portlock, bald eagles seem more like big bullies. –jes


2 thoughts on “Grisly find…

  1. Definitely wolves in McGregor Bay area but you are the first boater in several years to speak of an occurance. Must have been an upsetting episode for the kayakers to witness as with you and the eagle. Here’s a note from another boater.

    A watery paradise

    Born of light, water and granite escarpment, “The Bay” is a part of me. A wild reach of Lake Huron where weather rules the day, it is a watery paradise accessible only by seaplane or boat. Immersed or afloat in its reflecting and ever-changing depths, one is alternately stimulated, deeply relaxed and awed by the power of the place. The intimacy of these islands is palpable- sensuous forms of stone and thrusting stands of fir; essence of cedar and fish, bear fur and beaver, wolf howl and loon song. What is the meaning of life? You will likely find the answer here.

    Val, United States – 30 August 2005


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