Low water…

See the rock just breaking the surface in the foreground of this photo? This was taken as we made our way into McGregor Bay; we make a turn north once we get past this rock in order to stay in clear (deep) water. In past years we’ve only seen this rock as a color change, with our Polaroid sunglasses in good light.

Since arriving in Canadian’s North Channel in July, Roy Eaton has been giving the most recent Little Current water level report in his Cruiser’s Net broadcast each morning: 2 inches BELOW chart datum. I have been cruising these waters since 1988; Ron since 1969. I have never heard “below chart datum” until this year. In fact, the water is currently nearly 4 feet below where it was when we cruised here 15 years ago. This means we can no longer anchor in some of the coves we used to favor, or we cannot anchor as close. It also means that some of those rocks the charts warn us about are now visible, rather than lurking below the surface, ready to rearrange our keel if we hit hard enough. –jes

Approaching our turn. Water depth runs around 30 feet up to and around the rock.


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