One of those days…

This photo is looking east through Collins Inlet from the Keyhole anchorage. This view from the cockpit of Annwfn, after the day we had had, made everything feel “right” again.

After four blissful days, anchored in quiet and beautiful McGregor Bay, we motored carefully between the rock-filled waters and headed towards Killarney, thinking that we would make our way to the Great Lakes Cruising Club’s wilderness rally at Beaverstone Bay, in northwestern Georgian Bay.

First, our autopilot failed on us. We fussed and messed with it, but it appears to really have failed. We have a back-up autopilot (always prepared!), but it’s an older model and we can’t operate it remotely. This makes Ron sad (and somewhat irritated).

After a full week, we are still dealing with 3G connectivity issues on Ron’s iPad. We’ve dealt enough with Rogers’ “support” this summer that we really, really are not looking forward to another 20-30 minutes on the phone with them. I read online in one of their support forums that resetting all settings on the iPad (not just the network settings) had worked for a few folks that seemed to be dealing with the same problem as us. Well, I should have researched this more. First, it didn’t work for us. Second, we had to frantically search for a back-up on Ron’s computers in order to restore all his settings (rather than setting it up as a new iPad–he’s had his iPad since they were introduced 3 years ago). Yikes! I did find a back-up on his Macbook, the computer he quit using back in June when our cat “spilled a beer” on the keyboard (I hadn’t realized that our cat drank beer…), resulting in a few sticky keys. Fortunately, back-ups only need the CONTROL key with the key pad, which both work fine. Restoration complete!

But then, to further complicate things, Ron decided to sync his apps. This wouldn’t normally have produced any problems, however he synced from his Windows machine which had only downloaded new or updated apps since the end of June. So yeah, he wiped out ALL his navigation apps.

Back to the sticky Mac. We did a full sync of his apps and got them all back, but his navigation charts have been wiped out and need to be downloaded again. We’re heading into port for a good wifi signal.–jes


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