Bear signs

Bear visits campsite at Killarney Provincial Park.

This summer has been very dry. For the first time in my memory, we have had no wild blueberries. Bushes in the open are dry and brown; those in shaded areas are still green but have no fruit. We had so little rain that there has been a fire ban in effect for weeks. That means no campfires.

Sign of bear: overturned rocks

We’ve seen sign of bear — overturned rocks (looking for grubs) and old bear scat — but we’ve not seen any bear… until this morning.

Last night we were anchored in an area of Killarney Provincial Park, right off an occupied campsite. Two campers were traveling by kayak, had a small tent set up, and one serenaded us with her recorder as the sun set. It was a wonderful treat.

This morning as we finished our coffee, we heard shouting. The commotion was made by fisherman moving through the anchorage, trying to catch the attention of the campers. There was a black bear approaching their campsite from below them, near the water’s edge, where they couldn’t see him. This guy must have been hungry, and likely smelled the campers’ breakfast. The campers were yelled, clashed pans together, making as much noise as possible. The bear did not want to leave. We watched him circle their campsite to the back, but met resistance from the campers once again. We believe the bear finally gave up and lumbered into the woods. He wasn’t aggressive, but I was relieved to be watching from a distance, having a couple hundred feet of water between us, unlike the campers who were within a few yards of him.–jes


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