Butter tarts: a Canadian treat


I have a weakness for good dark chocolate (high cacao percentage–love Trader Joe’s bittersweet bars!), and I’m a sucker for a good homemade oatmeal cookie, but otherwise manage to stay away from most sugary confections unless it’s a special occasion (i.e. my sister’s amazing cakes). However, that said, nothing says “Canada” like a butter tart.

If you’ve not had a butter tart, you’ve missed out! Basically, they are a small flaky pie pastry filled with a sugar concoction that makes your teeth hurt if you think too much while you’re eating them. To be honest, I am likely more in love with the flaky pasty than with the runny sugary filling, but I know I’ve made it to Canada once I’ve had one with a good cup of strong coffee! Though you can buy packages of butter tarts in all the grocery stores here, I always opt for ones made by hand in the small restaurants or bakeries. (Ron helped me eat the one pictured here, purchased at The Peppermill in Thessalon. It was quite tasty… and very sweet!)–jes


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