Loon song


We are currently anchored at one of our favorite spots, a small anchorage at Hotham Island in the North Channel. The water here is clear and pristine, we have a clear view of boats coming up the McBean Channel, and there are rocky islands protecting us from winds from nearly any direction. Two years ago while anchored here, we watched a young black bear swimming from rocky islet to rocky islet until he bounded up the rocky shore of Hotham Island.

This visit we have a lone loon who apparently calls this small cove home. He (or she?) is very “tame” as he hangs around near our boats, close enough for photo shoots. I assume he is having better luck fishing for his dinner than Ron has had fishing for ours.

There is nothing that compares with loon calls, usually around dusk. I love listening to them as I wind down from my day. There is something lonely, wistful, in their song, and yet it feeds my soul. Occasionally, late at night, I will hear them call as I fall off to sleep. Once I hear loons, I know that I have truly arrived “home” to our beloved North Channel.–jes



One thought on “Loon song

  1. Ron & Jo — this brought back happy memories, but also left me very sad, as it`s not likely we`ll get up there with Ted`s Toy anymore. The time has come for us to start winding down, first of all by not doing the longer passages by ourselves.
    I expect you`re heading for the Wilderness Rally. Our kids plan to be there on Spirit — Kathryn, Harald & grandson Matthew, and Debbie & Angus. We can`t join them — another story.

    Enjoy it all while you can !
    With fond memories,


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