Into Canadian waters…

Ahhhhh… I remember now why I love this cruising life. Last evening, anchored in the outer anchorage of Harbor Island, it was as comforting as an overnight anchorage gets: a brilliant starlit sky, puffs of cool air coming from nearby shore, our boat floating gently on ripple-free surface. We were entertained by sandhill cranes and deer in the reeds along the shore in the early evening. We were awakened by the songs of birds at morning light. My morning coffee doesn’t get any better amidst the quiet and peacefulness of an uncrowded anchorage. Ah, yes.

But this summer we had a late start, and except for lots of baby perch, Ron’s fishing lacked much action. And so after listening to weather forecasts (both Canadian and U.S.), with the promise of light winds for the next 3-4 days, we decided to motor to Hilton Beach Marina on St. Joseph Island to check through Canadian Customs.

Our friends, Ann and Jorma aboard Kahlua III (sometimes known as Basicboat) live on their farm just up the hill from the marina when they’re not in Montreal. They are getting ready to head east for their summer cruise as well. And as Canadian fishing licenses are a bit problematic getting in the marina towns in this end of the North Channel, Jorma offered to drive Ron out to the highway. One does not want to fish in Canadian waters without the proper license in hand!

Hilton Beach

Approaching Hilton Beach Marina, St. Joseph Island, on a perfectly flat sea.


3 thoughts on “Into Canadian waters…

  1. We so wanted to to sail into the North Channel last month while bringing our boat from Racine to Port Superior. Instead we continued North to Canada via Isle Royale and on to Thompson Island for a few days to meet up with family. Enjoy your blog! ( we proudly flew our new GLCC Burgee)


  2. Sounds wonderful, you two…we were there just about a year ago. Today we are in Stamford, CT and scammed our way into the Stamford Yacht Club. Oh, ULLR….the manager personally thanked us for choosing their facility…little does he know 🙂


    • Oh, I love it! We just spent the evening with our crazy Canadian friends up at their farm (gifted us with their maple syrup, even though it was a very small “harvest” this spring… best maple syrup I’ve had!); now, back down at the boat. Finally a cool evening here after another hot day. You both doing well? Now that we know you… oh, the fun we would have had last year if we’d met up here in the North Channel!


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