June: a month of family & friends

These sweet and saltie seasons are great for traveling and living a simple life aboard our sailboats, however they don’t allow me the time I would like to connect with my family and friends. When we have internet access, I have email, and there’s the phone. But I crave the face-to-face time, and “just hanging” with my family. After all, the most special times with another person seem to be those unplanned moments.

We are usually in Canadian waters by Canada Day, the first of July. But this year we hung around our “boat home” in the north. In mid-June, it was my youngest nephew’s high school graduation and a family reunion for my mother’s side of the family. I had not seen many of my cousins, all male and the ones I used to spend hours playing with in the woods behind our home (I was always the nurse to their warrior wounds) in 20-30 years.

It was another trip home in the last week of June to connect with my beloved friend just retired from 35 years of teaching in the Ann Arbor schools, and for a quick lunch date with dear friends from a prior working life. The conversations we shared will help keep me charged for the rest of my summer.

And then on June 30, our Auna and Jordon arrived in northern Michigan for a week’s vacation. Their first night was spent with us aboard Annwfn, along with their two cats. We even took them out for a sail before they headed a bit further south to spend the rest of their week in larger and more comfortable accommodations at my parent’s place on Grand Traverse Bay. We closed up Annwfn on the 4th of July and headed down to spend the rest of the week with them. Chase and Tara arrived on Thursday, my sister and brother on Friday. It was a wonderful (and HOT!) few days spent with family before heading out for 2 months.

20120709-160106.jpg Even the dog and cat got the opportunity to spend a bit of time “together.”


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