The good child…


You know the “good child”… the one who is a good student, doesn’t get arrested, is kind to others, and doesn’t talk back to their elders (may I just stop here and say that both our children were “the good child”)?

In our boating life, Annwfn is “the good child.” She doesn’t cause us problems and we have consistently been able to depend on her to launch and immediately “drive” her the 18 miles to her slip near Cheboygan. Although she may accumulate a lot of dust in her boat barn in the shadow of the windmills at Mackinaw City, she cleans up easy and fast. She makes her southern sibling look bad.

In Thyme Hyssop & Wry’s defense, Annwfn’s dependability likely has more to do with her life on the Great Lakes. Saltwater (we used to equate it with battery acid while living in Newport, Rhode Island) is just plain hard on boats and their equipment. Maintenance costs are higher and equipment failures related to saltwater (or salt in the air) are prevalent.

Now that Annwfn is launched and we are mostly living aboard once again, I am enjoying our small and easy to maintain space afloat. And so far, our hard dodger is serving us very well for a fraction of the cost of new canvas.–jes



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