Dodging the inbetween-boating-seasons blues…


Ron cutting holes for the dodger’s windows.

Lest anyone think that Ron is bored since returning home from our winter sailing in the south and retiring from his position as Logbook Editor of the Great Lakes Cruising Club (as of May 1), you need not worry. Within two weeks of returning home, he began building Annwfn’s hard dodger.

Since purchasing Annwfn in 2006, we’ve had her canvas dodger repaired twice. We replaced all the vinyl windows one year and have had the zippers replaced or resewn. Our dodger has seen better days, and after having our 6’5″ son-in-law aboard for a weekend, realized the dodger was a bit low for a person “of height” to easily depart the companionway. So a year ago we began getting quotes on replacing the canvas and raising the frame about 4″. We were shocked (SHOCKED!) at the cost quoted. (Obviously, it’s been a while since we’ve had a dodger made for a boat.) So we “made do” with our old dodger all last summer; the three solar panels installed on top helped with the leaky canvas during heavy downpours.

Ron has spent many hours building and fiberglassing, and we’ve spent too many days covered in itchy fiberglass dust from all the sanding. But last Sunday we painted our new hard dodger so she’s ready to hoist back aboard Annwfn. This means launch day is not far off.–jes


Watching paint dry…


One thought on “Dodging the inbetween-boating-seasons blues…

  1. Wow. The pictures of the new dodger are very impressive! It looks very well fabricated and like it will match the boat very nicely. Perhaps Ron has a calling for a lucrative business in his retirement years?


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