We’ve seen many quick little salamander-type lizards here in southern Florida, but never as many as we’ve seen here around the Matanzas Inn. Tiny lizards skit and scatter as we walk along the parking lots and paved sidewalks here at Fort Myers Beach.

The other day, as I came back from shore, our cat was playing with something on our cabin sole. At first I thought it was likely a hair-tie or maybe he’d found a small piece of line, but then he went into his proud mouse-hunter pose, and I looked closer. It was one of the tiny lizards, very much dead, its tail broken in 3 pieces (our cat plays hard or the tiny lizard is very delicate).

Now, we are a 5-8 minute dinghy ride from shore. This thing did not swim out to the boat. Ron suspected that we brought it on board in one of our packages.

And then, a week later, we found this guy in our pot of fresh basil and parsley. I think they’re getting into our dinghy as it sits at the dinghy dock, then they scamper on the lines from our dinghy to board our boat. We may never know for sure. –jes



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