Farmer’s Market


Fort Myers Beach has a farmer’s market every Friday morning, from 7:30 to 11:00 AM. Vendors set up in the parking lot, under the bridge, right near the dinghy dock. Last Friday, as we were about ready to take off on our road trip to Indiantown, I stopped by one vendor’s table and bought a freshly baked cinnamon roll. It was as good as the cinnamon rolls my mother used to make when I was a child: sweet dough that she made from scratch, kneading and rising and punching it down twice before rolling it out to assemble the rolls. The rolls were full of cinnamon, a spice I still love like no other. They were a labor of love: the dough had to be made at least a day ahead of time, and then the rolls were usually assembled in the evening, before bed, so that they could rise one more time before the rolls were baked in the morning. This man’s cinnamon rolls took me back to my childhood.

This morning, we set the alarm on my cell phone so that we wouldn’t oversleep the farmer’s market opening. We were in by 7:45, ready to do our shopping (and laundry), and I had planned a cinnamon roll for my breakfast, a real treat. Unfortunately, my cinnamon roll man hadn’t gotten around to making cinnamon rolls for this morning. Oh, he had some nut rolls and he had sticky buns, but none of the cinnamon goodness I discovered last Friday. He swore by his sticky buns; I bought one that Ron and I split later over a good cup of coffee, but it was sticky and too sweet and very low on the cinnamon scale.

However, we did make quite a haul of local produce (obviously, not organic): temple oranges picked yesterday (so, so juicy and sweet!), fresh picked tomatoes that taste like real tomatoes (!), radishes, sweet corn, a kohlrabi so large it could be a table centerpiece, cukes… It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen such a beautiful array of produce. We will look forward to Friday mornings when we’re here again next year! –jes


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