Fresh shrimp!


Today we discovered the “other side” of Fort Myers. To our south are crowded streets, crowded restaurants, a crowded dinghy dock… you get the idea. On the north shore of the anchorage are a lot of shrimp boats, a couple of marinas, and a couple of “dive” restaurants (as well as the main road out of town). We decided to check out the side of this shore this afternoon.

We discovered several shops where you can buy fish and seafood, as well as shrimp right off the boats. Prices are reasonable. We also discovered “Bonita Bills”, a bar/restaurant that deals only in cash and is our kind of place. It’s laid back (“no shirts, no shoes; want a beer?”), there is good live music (noon to 4:00 or 6:00, depending on the day of the week), cheap beer, inexpensive wine, and cheap food. Oh, and most of the people seem to be our age! What’s not to love? Oh, and the shrimp boat at the end of the dock sells fresh shrimp from the boat. Love this place!

Dinner this evening? Slow-rolled shrimp with brown basmati rice, fresh broccoli, and fresh Florida strawberries. No one can say we suffer for decent food on Thyme Hyssop & Wry!


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