Marco Island


We made the 55 nm run to Marco Island on Saturday, where we are tucked away in a small bay, accessible only by a narrow canal, which opens into a small and shallow lake, then another series of canals. We are very protected from the strong winds that arrived on Sunday morning. We thought we might be getting a bit of a reprieve from them yesterday, but the east winds have settled in and are gusting around 25 knots. We may sit here another couple of days…

In the meantime, there is an upscale Winn Dixie with a dinghy dock just a short motor from where we are anchored. If we choose to go out to eat, there are restaurants galore. There is a Starbucks that offers a great wifi signal with their coffee. The upscale marina will allow us to pump out our holding tank if needed. If only there were a place for a shower…

By the way, this is NOT wilderness cruising! — jes


3 thoughts on “Marco Island

  1. Hi Erich,

    Thank you for your kind words. And thanks too for the contact information for your friends on Marco Island. Unfortunately, we departed Smokehouse Bay early this morning, around 7:00 AM. It was a great place to ride out the high winds, but those high winds have abated and are scheduled to diminish even further this afternoon. We are currently sailing in a pretty steady offshore breeze of around 12 knots on flat seas, making about 5 knots under jib alone. It’s a beautiful day out here, and if this wind holds, we ought to be able to sail the entire way to Fort Myers where we’re hoping to secure a mooring for a couple of weeks. So far, I think I prefer sailing the Florida Gulf coast. It sure beats those easterly swells and high rises as far as the eye can see along the south Florida east coast. — Jo


  2. Hello friends,

    Sharon and I are enjoying your blog immensely. We have a close friend that has a home on Marco Island. Harvey Spriggs is a member of the Ford Yacht Club on Grosse Isle and also a member of the Great Lakes Doublehanded Society. He cruises the North Channel every summer in his C&C “Vagrant”. His home is 848 Chestnut which is the second or third canal after the Marco Island Yacht Club. His phone # is 239-393-0331. Be sure to give him a call. He would love the company and his canal is sailboat friendly and deep. I will call him and give him a heads up that you are in the area. As always enjoy.


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