It’s a small world after all…


It’s funny how our sweet and saltie lives come together sometimes.

Arriving here at Boot Key Harbor, we anchored behind a boat from Key West, FL named ULLR (the Norse god of judgement). I remembered the boat name from somewhere and assumed that we had seen them down here last season.

On Wednesday evenings, Boot Key Harbor hosts a “meet n’ greet,” inviting all boaters and live-aboards in the harbor to a potluck, to get to know one another.

As we left for the meet n’ greet in our dinghy, we passed by the owners of ULLR getting in their dinghy, and Ron noticed that the registration numbers on their dinghy indicated they were from Michigan (unlike the hailing port on the stern of their boat). We pulled alongside of them and discovered they were indeed from Michigan. To make a long story short, they were also from Grand Rapids (or Grandville… close enough!) and as it turns out, I recognized their boat name from last summer, while in the North Channel! While assisting Roy Eaton during one of last summer’s North Channel Cruiser’s Net, I learned about their boat name.

Christine and Jim have become friends over the 3 weeks we’ve been here. ULLR was purchased from Jim’s godmother who lives in Key West (which explains their hailing port). They cruised the North Channel last summer before heading down Lake Michigan and on down the rivers and TennTom to Mobile, AL. They’ve come down through the Gulf and are on their way to the Bahamas, then the Caribbean and on to the Mediterranean. They are a couple who have “sold everything” and now live a much simpler life, planning to cruise for the next 10 years. A few days ago, they moved to the mooring next to us. We now share laughs at our dueling conch horns (and duck call) every evening at sunset.

Two boats from our mooring here in Boot Key Harbor is a sailboat from Little Current, Ontario. We visit Little Current nearly every year! We’ve met friends of friends, making connections. We’ve met folks to hail from Newport, Rhode Island, and share recollections of times when we were living there.

And then there are our friends, Marjorie and Jeff aboard Far Niente, who I actually “met” via Ravelry, a knitting website on which we are both active. Turns out that they were very good friends of the son of a dear friend of mine, and we’ve since gotten to know one another better.

A week ago, old friends from Muskegon, Casey and Edyth arrived here in Bookworm, their “southern boat.” I have them to thank for this saltie part of our lives, as they’ve been living a sweet and saltie life for better than 10 years now.

We continue to run into people we know, or people who have connections to people we know, or connections to places important to us. It’s a very small world here in Boot Key Harbor.


3 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all…

  1. Were your ears burning last evening, Roy? We had ULLR over for dinner last evening and talked about you and the North Channel: so many great memories!

    Ron gave a presentation on “sweetwater sailing” to the SSCA at Friday’s lunch meeting, and highlighted many of our favorite anchorages in the North Channel. One person commented after that she was reminded why she prefers cruising the North Channel to anywhere else.


    • Cute. Yes, the North Channel certainly has outstanding anchorages and cruising grounds. I gave a presentation a few weeks ago to the Punta Gorda Yachting Club and this Tuesday will do so to the Cape Coral Yacht Club. I’m been pleasantly surprised with the number of people down here who have cruised or charters our waters. Sorry you can’t make it to the Cruisers’ Net Party this Thursday. Total I’ve heard from is now is 52 planning on attending. Lookging forward to a great time.


  2. Enjoyed the connections story. Indeed it’s a small, wonderful world. Please say hello to ULLR and FAR NIENTE for me and extend best wishes.



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