The nostalgia tour…


Ten years ago, sailing friends, Ann and Jorma, were in this area of southern Florida, doing the Loop on their Douglas 32, Kahlua III. They arrived in Marathon last Saturday to stay with us a few days, as they continued on their “nostalgia tour”, revisiting the harbors and bays and bars that they frequented when last in this area.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with their arrival. We had lots of wind (that has become the norm, it seems), it was very warm (also seems to be the norm this season), and we had rain nearly every day. I have witnesses now that Ron’s bimini may provide shade from the sun, but it does not keep the cockpit dry when it rains. Fortunately, things dry quickly in the sun.

Following Monday’s adventure involving our dinghy’s “goddamn outboard” (another post best written by Ron), we chose Tuesday to drive to Key West in Jorma and Ann’s VW Golf. The parking may have cost us more than it would have cost us to take the bus. However, the car allowed us the opportunity to stop along the way and check out the mooring field where they stayed (and departed for Cuba in a strong northerly–they are Canadian and don’t have a problem visiting Cuba) and check out some of the small bays along the way. They also humored me by stopping along the road on Big Pine Key and helped me collect the long needle pines I needed to begin making my pine needle baskets again.

While in Key West, we surprised a long-ago Muskegon friend who moved there years ago. I mean, we really surprised her! It was great fun seeing her for a few minutes and we promised to return for a real visit (and call ahead!) before we leave the Marathon area. We also purchased a conch shell horn for Ron (so he can properly celebrate sundown), and Ann and I visited the library and walked some of the quieter Key West streets, away from the crowds.

We seemed to eat a lot that day: Stuffed Pig for breakfast, Turtle Krawl for raw oysters and beer, Schooner Bar for more beer, and then we ate dinner at Porky’s BBQ on the way home. Oh, and then key lime pie once we got back aboard that evening. We ate two key lime pies during Ann and Jorma’s visit. I think I’d best quit now, but key lime pie just doesn’t get better than the pies you can get here. Maybe I’ll wait just a couple more days before I step back on that scale…


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