Witnessing, mariner style…

This morning, as we traveled the tight channel from Miami Beach to Biscayne Bay, we had a smaller C&C sailboat, with main up, approaching us. Ron was certain that this boat was under power–this guy was way too close to the wind to be sailing–but he seemed to be trying to keep some wind in his mainsail, so that it was not luffing horribly.

Ron began grumbling–this guy was pushing us way too far to the right of the channel, too close to the rocks. I suggested that we move over to the left of him–not kosher according to “the rules of the road”, but really our only choice.

As the guy motored by us on our starboard side (yes, he was under power, not sail), in large block letters on his mainsail we read: JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

This did not have the intended effect on my atheist husband; this (if I must label myself) humanist couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head. As an old friend of mine might say: “Alrightee then!”–jes


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