Afloat once more…

By the end of the day on Wednesday, the cracked area of our keel had been cut out and was ready for its fiberglass repair:


Our fiberglass guy returned early yesterday morning and by mid-afternoon, our keel was looking great. His work was impressive:


By late morning, the new glass on our keel had been fared and a coat of antifouling bottom paint had been applied. She was ready to launch again.

The marina here is packed full (there’s even a boat sitting at the fuel dock) for the weekend, so there was question whether they were going to be able to get us in today, but they came through and launched us late this afternoon. And then came the moment of truth: was our leak fixed? The good news is that we seem to be in good shape. So far our bilge pump has not gone off, though that doesn’t stop me from checking the bilge, just to be sure, every couple of hours. So far, so good!

Our current plan is stay here through tomorrow night; there is a chicken bbq here on Saturday as well as the Lions’ play-off game. This will give Ron a chance to watch one last football game before he’s forced to make due with listening to them on Sirius radio. If all is well and still looking good, we hope to leave here on Sunday morning to head to Stuart.


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