Ummmm… What kind of trailer did you say this is?

I think perhaps "Moby Dick" might be a good name for this trailer. Here, the forward top is open.

We’ve been home for a couple of months, the leaves are littering our yard, the days are growing shorter, the holidays are approaching, and it’s time to begin planning our trek south to Thyme Hyssop & Wry.

Last spring while driving to our home in the north, our Jetta wagon was as packed to the brim as she could be: mainsail to alter (we rid ourselves of the furling boom–we were never able to use the mainsail last season, it was jammed and twisted so tight); full enclosure that is no more (entirely unsure of the decision to alter bimini and dodger, but have been assured all will be good); clothes, bedding, tools, miscellaneous storage bins of “stuff” we didn’t want to leave. Oh, and did I mention the cat, his carrier and litter box? Poor guy rode in my lap the two days we drove home. Except for the knitting project in my lap, it was the only vacant spot available to him.

One item we quickly decided would need replacing this season was the mattress in our berth. We purchased a FROLI sleep system for the berth immediately on spending a night aboard, and it helped. However, the old “mattress”, two symbiotic pieces split down the middle, just about did our backs in. Ron and I enjoy curling up together, but it was not fun sleeping on the incline towards one another and one of us ending up trapped between the two cushions. We discussed various options, measured, and decided the best-wearing mattress would be one full piece.

We looked at many different options, boat mattress companies (can you say EXPENSIVE?), memory foam mattress from Costco to cut down to size ourselves, cutting and stacking several different types of foams to create our own mattress, but ended up ordering a firm, no-memory-foam (mostly because of the current “too hot!” period in my life) mattress in one piece. The one piece will be very nice, once we get it into the boat… this mattress is BIG! Which brings me to the reason for this post.

Since the mattress fills our Jetta wagon (and we have to fold it a bit), there is no room for anything else. It quickly became apparent that we needed to look at a van or trailer to transport “stuff” on Ron’s trip south to spend 2 weeks working on the boat before we head down together after the holidays, once I’m finished working. We looked into a van rental: very expensive. A U-haul trailer was a bit better. We figured for $350 we could rent a trailer here, drive down with all our stuff (the Jetta has a hitch), and then Ron would leave the trailer at a U-haul in Florida. What we didn’t realize is that as we were looking at the price, the trailer rental was discounted. When we went to schedule the rental, prices had increased by $100. Ridiculous. We discovered after a quick look at Craigslist that we could actually BUY a trailer for the same or even lower price, and then with any luck, sell it down south.

And so, that is how we came to own this interesting trailer. It’s aerodynamic, and everything fits. I’m just hoping for good weather.

This photo is looking into the back end. Not to worry, it closes up tight and locks up tight for Ron's overnight at the motel.


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