The Macro Collection


I’ve had my Canon PowerShot SD1000 camera for about 4 years now. It’s a great little camera for slipping in my pocket when we go to explore shore, when we go for a dinghy ride, and for those times I just quick want to take a photo. It’s so easy, so lightweight, that I’ve ended up using this little digital camera most of the time, even though we have a nice larger Sony (also digital) with a high-end lens that has served us well for years.

But it wasn’t until I saw photos that my son-in-law took this past March when he and our daughter visited Hawaii on their belated honeymoon. He posted this beautiful, albeit slightly blurred, photo of a fiddlehead along the trail of the rainforest. The next photo was amazing: the same fiddlehead was now sharp and in focus, covered in beads of water. Jordon labeled this photo, “Macro, much better.” So that’s what that macro setting is all about!

This past summer I tested out the macro setting on my little pocket Canon. I think it works quite well!








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