Annwfn’s Final Fall Weekend


It’s our final weekend on Annwfn for this year. She will be hauled and stored away for the winter this coming Friday, which means we are staying busy with boat work this weekend. We woke to a foggy mist yesterday, but once the docks dried out we were able to get both sails off and folded. And to think that in our younger racing days, we folded sails after every race. Funny how it seems such a big deal now! Today we are thankful that we took sails off the boat yesterday on a calm day. Although winds were forecast to be light today, they are picking up now. And heavy east winds are forecast later tonight and into Tuesday.

We are saying farewell (for a while) to balmy starlit nights. Our weather is “turning” and is less predictable: more rain and higher winds. These days we spend a lot of time below, many times with the heater going, and hardly any time sitting in the cockpit. By this time of year, I look forward to being back home to my roomy kitchen where I can bake muffins and pies, to my large and comfortable bed, to a shower that isn’t 1,200 steps round trip (though it sure helps towards my 10,000 steps per day!) and doesn’t mean darting through wind and rain.

In autumn, our life changes as we move off the boat and head back home to our house. It’s a simple life here at the boat; life at home is more complicated as there is always something that takes up our time. Still, it’s time to go home. I enjoy getting back to work, feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile. It’s been great spending the summer with friends who are like family, but I’ve missed the family I was born to, and I’ve really missed my kids.

So this weekend we are hauling boat stuff home to store for the winter, we’re cleaning, we’re going through our list, we’re getting ready to put Annwfn to bed. Just a few more days…


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