Autumn has officially arrived. Driving north yesterday, I was amazed by the color mid-Michigan has put on in the four days since driving the same roads home last Monday.

I love fall. I love when that crispness in the morning and evening air arrives, when the trees put on their vibrant color, when the Cortland apples come into the farmer’s markets. (There is nothing more delicious than biting into a fresh-picked Cortland while outdoors. Why do they taste so much better when you’re in the outdoor air?)

As much as I love this time of year, it’s been a sad time too. On Monday, I drove home to attend the funeral for the mother of my dear friend, Jane. Today there is a memorial service for my cousin’s husband, Ric. I stood up for my cousin when she married Ric, years ago when we were both young women. Jane’s mom and Ric died of cancer this month. Both fought cancer with courage and grace. Both died much too young. They both leave huge holes in the lives of their families and friends. So yeah, it’s been a rather emotional few weeks, knowing people I love are hurting and dealing with the loss of one they loved so much. Their pain reminds me to treasure my time with the ones I love. And so, I breathe deep this fall air and take in the color around me. And I’m betting that Ric is smiling this afternoon, fanatic U of M football fan that he was, knowing that Michigan won again this afternoon. Go blue.


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