Making tracks west…

It’s been quite the week. We have had a “strong wind warning” (winds forecast to be 20 knots with gusts as high as 33 knots) every day for the past 5 days. We’ve had squall watches and warnings (Environment Canada’s version of a severe thunderstorm watch or warning) 3 days in a row. The forecasts have been all over the place: W15 increasing to W20, then veering to SW20, then NW20, all in the same day! And the forecasts have been correct enough for part of the time to make it very important to find an anchorage well-protected from all winds.

These past few days have been cooler, the water is suddenly a bit too chilly for bathing, and the autumn winds appear to be settling in. I have begun longing for a real toilet, a hot shower, a roomy bed, and long walks. I would give anything right now to bite into an early Michigan apple! Oh to roam a farmer’s market again… Unfortunately, Ron and I aren’t in agreement as to how long we should cruise. I am always ready to head home once the days are shorter and it gets cooler; Ron would probably be content to stay out until the first snow is in the air.

We’ve been sitting a lot, not moving much, this week. We’ve made a couple of short hops, moving for about an hour to the next anchorage and getting settled before the wind comes back up again. However, today’s south winds forecast was changed at 5:00 AM to “light” winds for today, going northerly, so we are making tracks west, to Thessalon which is in the western end of the North Channel. From Thessalon, we’ll have a short hop to Harbor Island, north of Drummond Island, where we can wait out a favorable wind for our day-long sail back to our dock at Duncan Bay. Until then, we’ll enjoy our days out on the water.


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