Leaving Britt…

We came into Britt, in the northeast corner of the Georgian Bay early yesterday afternoon. Our holding tank was filling up and Ron had run out of beer. At some point I need to catch up on what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks, but a lack of internet access has made that difficult.

We are cruising along the north shore of the Georgian Bay this week, accompanying another boat with friends, Fred and Jennifer, aboard. Fred writes pieces for sailing magazines about cruising the Great Lakes, now that he’s retired from his life as a surgeon. He has this idea for a story about those of us who “gunkhole” the “white spaces on the charts” (uncharted) using handheld depth sounders and iPads with navigation software. That’s us! And so we’ve been sticking our nose into potential anchorages and taking them places that can get the adrenaline going. Unfortunately, the light winds that Environment Canada keeps forecasting keep getting changed to heavy winds from one direction or another, so we haven’t accomplished much. Hopefully tomorrow will be light, with no “ruffle on the water” and we’ll make our way into Fort Channel. Stay tuned…


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