Vidal Bay, Manitoulin Island

From Tolsmaville, we sailed about 15 miles east to Vidal Bay, located on the northwestern end of Manitoulin Island, the bay just east of Meldrum Bay. A couple of years ago while anchored here to wait out a heavy westerly, Ron discovered a small stream that emptied into the bay that was full of smallmouth bass. They haven’t moved from their spot. Our friends, Ann and Jorma aboard Kahlua III, joined us and they had a fabulous afternoon catching enough fish to more than feed us for that evening, and enough leftover to freeze for a later meal with additional friends.

I’m not much for catching and cleaning fish, but I will happily cook them. I enjoyed walking the very lovely beach, looking for pretty stones along the water’s edge.


2 thoughts on “Vidal Bay, Manitoulin Island

  1. Hello, JoEllen,

    We plan to sail from Toronto to lake Huron and lake Superior (well, that is a plan).
    When you are walking on the shore of isolated bays and straits, is there any danger to meet a bear?

    Thank you.


    • Alexei, obviously I’ve been away from our blog too long! We have seen a few bears on our trips to the Georgian Bay, North Channel and Lake Superior. We have never met them while walking along the shore of an anchorage (though we have seen them coming to the water, along the shoreline, while anchored and on our boat). I think they are likely more afraid of us and will stay clear, unless we have food with us. There was a rather persistent bear, trying to get at a campsite last summer in the Georgian Bay, that we watched from the safety of our boat cockpit. The campers were just cooking their breakfast. They finally convinced the bear to leave them alone after lots of banging of pots and yelling. We have heard that it is wise, if you’re planning to do hiking in these areas, that we carry along a boat airhorn, that the noise will scare them away.


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